Downtime Reduction Solutions

Placing our organizational tool in your facility, drastically reduces downtime by having the right part available when your equipment is down and increasing productivity and efficiencies.  We say, ” The cost of the product is never as much as the cost of not having the product or having a product that does not perform.

Non Branded Products

What that means to your operation is many of our competitors brand their products at an additional cost and those costs are added into their selling price.  We’re proud of our many North American suppliers that we’ve partnered with.

Fill Rate

We ship 99% plus and don’t backorder.  This will additionally keep your bookkeeping department happy by reducing the paperwork that is generated by endless backorders.

Highly Trained Local Sales Representatives

The three owners have a combined 90 plus years in Phoenix distribution and pride themselves in the training programs they have developed, to ensure you have the most knowledgeable and problem solving rep in the industry as your unpaid employee.

Quality Products

Maintenance repair operations find that fixing a downed piece of machinery, typically when high quality products are used, they have a better chance of fixing it right and fixing it once. We source the highest quality products to ensure our fis it once, fix it right philosophy.

Product Availability

We have access to 50,000 high quality problem solving items and an additional 400,000 in our Non-Stock Department to help keep your operation running efficiently.

Package Quantities

We use the smallest industry standard packaging available because we realize most maintenance departments use a lot of everything, but not a large volume of one thing.

We are proud to be an American company.